Sweet Tasty Magic

Author: David McAll



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The Sweet and Tasty Mystery Series

Sweet earns her living walking dogs in a quiet English village. Her American friend Tasty works in the library. As they solve simple mysteries their relationship develops. Will their determination to be true to the rules they develop to guide their investigations eventually lead them into deep waters?

Book 1. Sweet Tasty Magic
Please read Sweet Tasty Magic.

Before Sweet heard about Abbie's distress at the lottery win celebration party, she led an uncomplicated life. As the village dog-walker she knew everybody but took little interest in their lives. Soon however she was becoming all too involved. Her American friend Tasty works in the local library. At one time he used to do something a bit hush-hush on the local airbase. In the evenings they walk their own dogs together and discuss the developing case. Sweet has a border collie and Tasty has a slightly overweight Labrador. Max and Rommel play happily together while Sweet and Tasty dig ever deeper into the secrets of the village.

cover of Sweet Tasty Magic

Book 2. Sweet Tasty Feeling
Please read Sweet Tasty Feeling.

An old lady, Belinda, is in an ambulance outside of Corner Cottage. She is on her way out of the village for the last time. Sixty years earlier she honeymooned in Kyoto, Japan. There, the happy couple bought a pair of Japanese vases. They have been sitting on the sideboard in Corner Cottage ever since, but now they are missing. Who is responsible for the situation?

Has Prisha the care worker got something to hide? Is Gary the ambulance-man really the caring family man he pretends to be? Why does the teenager Lucas lurk in the back garden of Corner Cottage? Is the daughter Fiona harbouring a grievance against her mother over her unfair treatment? Will Tasty's new hobby of landscape painting help to solve the case? Will Max the border collie ever get to actually take part in a DogBall competition, and if he does, will Rommel the Labrador be jealous? Above all, will Sweet be able to navigate her way through the complications of the case and still feel that she is a good person?

cover of Sweet Tasty Feeling

Book 3. Sweet Tasty Snow
Please read Sweet Tasty Snow.

Another Sweet and Tasty mystery adventure set in a small English village. When Sweet notices that Frankie’s taxi isn’t where it should be, it leads her and Tasty into a new adventure. Does Frankie’s wife, Petal, know where he is? Does his friend from the Monkey Orchard pub have his best interests at heart? Has village hairdresser Tracey got vital information that could save Frankie’s life? Is Steve providing a valuable service to the village in his promising career as a drug dealer? Village dog-walker Sweet and her American friend Tasty pursue leads with determination, assisted at all times by Sweet’s border collie Max and Tasty’s surprisingly talented Labrador Rommel.

cover of Sweet Tasty Snow

Book 4. Sweet Tasty Progress
Please read Sweet Tasty Progress.

The village is growing. This is the week when the planning documents for the development in the Old Quarry go on display in the local library. The librarian, Tasty, is there as always with his labrador Rommel. He will help the council planner, Peter, explain the plans to the local villagers. The problem lies in the planned new retail premises. Can the small village shop survive? Will the owner, Mahmood, be able to carry on?

It soon becomes clear that Mahmood is not happy. Will Tasty’s best friend Sweet, with her border collie Max, be able to help him uncover the scheming that threatens Mahmood’s livelihood. Who is involved? Is Cyndi being honest in her role on the village committee responsible for the shop. Has its chairman Harry got ideas about forcing Mahmood out so that the premises can be reopened as a pub? Is Teresa really a neutral party in all of this? Mahmood’s future happiness depends upon whether Tasty and Sweet can solve this mystery. Is he in safe hands?

cover of Sweet Tasty Progress

Book 5. Sweet Tasty Keepsake
Please read Sweet Tasty Keepsake

Sweet earns her living by walking dogs in the small English village of Much Whistlingberry. Her American friend, Tasty, works in the library. As a team, they have already had success in solving several local mysteries. Now a new housing development is underway at the Old Quarry site. As the site is cleared, an old pewter beer mug is found. It dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria. Has it got a connection to the village? How did it end up discarded in the quarry?

The discovery of an engraving on the mug allows Tasty to make a connection with the village football team, the Wolves. Could old tensions between team-mates Bob, Charlie and Eddie be behind the mug’s original disappearance? What role did Flossie, the barmaid at the football clubhouse, play in this? Is Eddie’s wife Jean right to be suspicious?

This is the fifth book in the Sweet and Tasty mystery series. With each mystery solved their relationship develops. While Sweet worries about the morality of what they do, Tasty prepares them for ever more serious cases. Border collie Max and Labrador Rommel keep them company along the way.

cover of Sweet Tasty Keepsake

Book 6. Sweet Tasty Seduction
Please read Sweet Tasty Seduction

In a small English village, the past is catching up with female deacon Joan. Has she really been so foolish as to embezzle church funds to please her female lover? Hadn’t she learnt her lesson the first time the relationship got her into trouble? Then, she had been moved to Much Whistlingberry where she had built a new life. Now, she has been sent to a small island off the coast of Scotland to rediscover the true path. Is there a way back for her?

In the village, dog-walker, Sweet, and her American librarian friend, Tasty, have solved previous mysteries. The trouble is, Joan really doesn’t like Sweet and the feeling is mutual. Luckily for Joan, Sweet and Tasty live by a code. If a mystery finds them then they must follow it to the end. As ever, they are accompanied at every turn by Sweet’s border collie, Max, and Tasty’s golden Labrador, Rommel.

cover of Sweet Tasty Seduction

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